Area of Trend plus Company is situated in Belgrade – Zemun commune. Area is 9.500 square meters large. Location is very attractive because it is near to two high-ways (to Zagreb – Wien and to Novi Sad-Budapest). Company is situated near the river Danube and the place where new bridge will be built by companies from China according to Agreement between Serbia and China. The main road between the new bridge and high-ways passes directly trough area of Trend plus Company. This area is determined as commerce-business zone. There is a living - apartments zone near the Company.

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 Conditions for investment building in this zone are:

  • - In accordance with General plan of City of Belgrade, our Location is defined as middle building zone.

  • - It is possible to build hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, business complexes, commercial objects, etc.

  • - Objects can occupy no more than 50% of total area of land meant for construction (parcels).

  •  - Objects can have maximum 6 (six) levels (ground+4 floors+attic) and can be maximum 18m high;

  • - 3 (three) is the maximum Building Index – quotient of gross surface of all objects built on the parcel (or block) and surface of that parcel (block) (in this case it is possible to build 18.000 - 27.000 m2 of objects)
    - Parking and green areas have to be minimum 15% of total area of land meant for building.